Remote Homes for Sale

Named by the early Oregon pioneers for its distance from other settlements, the community of Remote, Oregon is located in the popular Coos County.  Although the city of Roseburg is less than an hour away, Remote still exudes an atmosphere of peaceful isolation that attracts homebuyers interested in buying a home away from the stress of the cities.  

The local general store, and Remote’s location on Highway 42 provide residents with both onsite amenities, as well as easy access to the shopping and dining destinations of the larger cities in the area.  As one of the more affordable options in the beautiful Coos County, homes for sale in Remote fall in a price bracket of $65,000 to $475,000, and tend to be primarily single-family homes.

A popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, Coos County provides outdoor activities of almost every description.  Home to a variety of hiking trails and fishing spots, this area allows families and individuals to keep active year-round, and to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Oregon coastal mountains right outside their front doors.  The tight-knit community, outdoor wonders, and peacefulness of the Remote community makes it a great place to buy a home.

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